Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts
Portsmouth NH
Children's Yoga
Classes are taught by:

Jeanne Russell, RYT
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Radiant Child Yoga


Move Like the Animals 

 Inventive Movement and Yoga for Kids

1st -4th grade

An exploration of movement, exercises, breathing techniques, physio ball exercises and relaxation based on Hatha Yoga.

Monthly 3 week sessions


YOGA POSTURES-build strength and flexibility

MOVEMENT- imagination, improvisation, coordination, body
BALANCE- increased attention and awareness, stability,
concentration, self-confidence


BREATHING TECHNIQUES- calming, increased oxygen, better


RESISTANCE BANDS- strength, bone building


YOGA POLES- increased proprioception, balance,  range of

PHYSIO BALLS- strength, coordination,
confidence, FUN!


BRAIN GYM- balance left and right  brain


RELAXATION- calming, restorative


Please call Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts
at 603-431-4755 for more information.