Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts GENTLE YOGA
Gentle Yoga for Every Body
Monday afternoon Yoga is back!
New Name!
Gentle Yoga for Every Body
Meeting the needs of your changing body
New time!
3:00-4:00 pm
Our bodies change. It may be due to an injury or illness or maybe just because we have had so many birthdays! This class will explore gentle yoga postures, resistance and weight bearing exercises, balance, deep breathing techniques and deep relaxation.
We start the class in a chair with a breath meditation. (The chairs are available for the rest of the class if needed.) We will also explore using other props as needed to tailor to everyone's needs and enhance our experience. Yoga teaches us to be present in our own bodies. This class will help you get in touch with your body's wisdom and what it needs.
First class is free!
$8.00 per class, 10th class is free!